"Digital construction is revolutionizing the way we design, build, and manage projects. By harnessing the power of technology, we can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize efficiency. As a digital construction consultant, I am dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies to deliver innovative solutions that drive success in the industry. From BIM implementation to virtual design and construction to Asset Management, I am committed to transforming the construction landscape through digital innovation."

I am BIM Manager with +10 years of experience in the industry. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to leveraging the power of BIM to optimize construction processes and drive successful project outcomes.

As a BIM Manager, I have successfully led and implemented BIM strategies for a diverse range of projects, ensuring seamless collaboration among multidisciplinary teams and maximizing efficiency. My expertise in BIM allows me to develop and implement BIM standards, manage BIM workflows, and oversee the coordination and integration of BIM models.

In addition to my BIM experience, I have also gained valuable expertise in digital construction. I have worked on projects that incorporate advanced technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D scanning. This experience has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the digital tools and methodologies that can enhance construction processes and improve project outcomes.

Furthermore, I hold a master’s degree in BIM 6D (Sustainability Building Optimum Design Using Multi-Objective Optimization LCC & LCA ) and Experienced in Climate Change, Net zero Carbon and Energy Consumption, which has equipped me with a deep understanding of environmentally conscious construction practices. I am passionate about integrating sustainable design principles into projects, ensuring that they are not only efficient and cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

In addition to my professional work, I am also a lecture assistant at the university, specializing in construction project management, and BIM lecturer in BIM training programs for undergraduate, and postgraduate students, Engineers in the construction field. This role allows me to share my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of construction professionals, helping them develop the skills necessary for successful project delivery.

Academically, I’ve studied civil Engineering structural department at Faculty of Engineering before undertaking Master of Science from Helwan University in global BIM Management, Sustainability Building using Multi-objective Optimization using BIM and Simulation (life Cycle cost & Life Cycle Assessment).


I’ve participated in Educational-wide initiatives, including the Egyptian universities; I’ve delivered many keynote speeches, lectures, and workshops towards a successful BIM Implementation in Construction Industry in Egypt and KSA.

Experience In Building Information Modelling Technology with All BIM Software Certified from Autodesk Performing Revit Template Including Revit Families, Performing Work Sets and Managing Arch, Structure, and MEP 7D BIM Models, Make Coordination With Other Discipline, Producing All Types Of Drawings With LOD 350 & LOD 400 & LOD 500.



BIM 7D. With my expertise, I can effectively manage and integrate various aspects of construction projects, including time, cost, and facility management. I am proficient in using BIM software to create detailed 3D models, generate accurate cost estimates, and simulate construction schedules. Additionally, I have experience in utilizing BIM data for facility operation and maintenance, ensuring efficient building performance throughout its lifecycle.

I possess a comprehensive skillset in ISO 19650, the international standard for managing information throughout the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure projects. With my expertise, I can effectively implement and adhere to the requirements outlined in ISO 19650, ensuring efficient information management and collaboration among project stakeholders. I am proficient in utilizing the ISO 19650 framework to establish clear information requirements, define roles and responsibilities, and establish effective information exchange protocols.

I possess a strong skillset in sustainable building design, which allows me to create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient structures. With my expertise, I can effectively incorporate sustainable design principles into architectural plans, ensuring optimal use of resources and minimizing environmental impact. I am knowledgeable in utilizing renewable energy sources, implementing passive design strategies, and integrating green building materials and technologies. Additionally, I have experience in conducting energy modeling and analysis to optimize building performance and reduce energy consumption.

Responsible for developing and implementing BIM workflow and driving standard usage of BIM and Revit within and outside the firm. 

Oversee the use of BIM/Revit software firm-wide, including installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting all BIM installations as well as analyzing and solving BIM user issues. 

Provide end-user training, support and leadership.

Support each project team by (1) managing and creating content library files and templates, (2) creating and enforcing standards, and (3) evaluating project models. 

Support project start-up coordination, helping teams develop strategies for effective delivery of quality documents, and set up each project, thereby ensuring that each one is set up correctly. 

Responsible for BIM standards development, implementation, and enforcement.

provide quality control for completeness and adherence to company standards of all shop drawings produced.

Assist in developing and enforcing BIM documentation and workflow process standards.

Train and oversee the day-to-day activities of BIM users to ensure BIM standards are maintained in the creation of BIM models. 

Chair the firm’s BIM user group and ensure regular communication and coordination among BIM/Revit users. 

Assess: Evaluate the firm’s current workflow, strategies, budgets, projects, staffing, etc. 

I specialize in BIM technology implementation in consultancy office and construction building companies With All BIM Software Certified From Autodesk And Managing Arch, Structure, and MEP departments to produce BIM Models, Make Coordination With Other Discipline, Producing All Types Of Drawings With LOD 350 & LOD 400 & LOD 500. I enjoy creating effortless user experiences and designing delightful building models. The entire process of going from CAD concept to BIM and gathering user feedback makes me wake up every day!

I worked with numerous clients from all around the world from early startups to well-established companies. I always seek new opportunities for cooperation on projects around attractive saving costs and time, variable design systems, or facility management. Let’s create something extraordinary together!